Discover, connect, and collaborate on the world’s largest business network

Every two minutes, a business joins Ariba Network. That’s one more potential buying or selling opportunity just waiting to be discovered – a trading partner with whom you could connect and collaborate through a single platform in the cloud to lower costs or risks, boost revenue, or manage cash and working capital.

Right now, there are more than 2 million to discover, doing business in 190 countries around the world. Over the next 24 hours they’ll...

  • transact more than $2.5 billion in business commerce
  • exchange more than 71,000 purchase orders and more than 224,000 invoices
  • collaborate on early-payment discounts involving $30 million worth of invoices
  • save $82 million in supply costs

It's a simple matter of network effect : with so many buyers and suppliers on Ariba Network, and more joining all the time, you have more competitive business commerce opportunities here than anyplace else.


The digital network for simple commerce

Providing access to industry-leading technology, proven process expertise, and community-shared best practices, Ariba Network liberates you and your trading partners from slow and costly paper-based processes. Simpler and easier than ever before, you’ll safely share compliance, risk, performance, and transaction information. Armed with greater visibility and intelligence, you’ll align your business decisions and react to changing market conditions with utmost agility for greater competitive advantage.

Spend and supplier management on Ariba Network

Get access to a vast network of qualified, global suppliers, ready to compete for your business. With comprehensive and up-to-date spend and supplier management information, you’ll work with the right suppliers – at the right time – to lower costs and minimize risks.

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E-commerce and account management on Ariba Network

Every day, leading buying organizations source millions of dollars worth of goods and services through SAP Ariba. We can help you become a preferred supplier by strengthening your e-commerce capabilities and accelerating your sales cycle, adding value to your business.

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Financial supply chain management on Ariba Network

Exchanging purchase orders and invoices electronically can help you achieve compliant invoice processing on a global scale; make your payments certain, secure, and simple; and optimize working capital by collaborating on early-payment discounts and supply chain finance.

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One way to think of the Ariba Network is as the for business. It’s a shared application infrastructure that any authorized individual in the world can access to manage the entire commerce process, or just pieces of it such as procurement, sourcing, supplier performance management, or invoice automation.

— P.J. Jakovljevic , Technology Evaluation Center