Which partner program suits you best?

SAP Ariba appreciates that there are different ways in which you’d like to engage with us so we’ve established a couple different program options:

  1. VAR/Resell – For partners that resell SAP Ariba solutions, whether on-premise or in the cloud. It's likely your company manages the entire customer lifecycle, including demand, sales, and implementation. You are able to provide maintenance and support services. This model includes, but is not limited to, partners such as VARs and resellers.
  2. Services – Intended for partners that provide consulting and implementation services to customers, including change management, transformation, deployment, integration, and training. In this model, services partners work closely with the SAP Ariba account team to position and sell the solution and the partner’s services.

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Other unique programs

Here are brief descriptions of additional SAP Ariba partner programs. While we are not actively seeking new partners in these categories, this information provides some insight into the criteria we use to identify and select new partners for these programs.

  • Technology Alliance – This program enables partners that are leaders in their industries, with capabilities that are synergistic to our core platform and customer needs, to collaborate with SAP Ariba on the development of new solutions and enhancements.
  • BPO – This program is for partners that incorporate SAP Ariba technology into solutions they provide or use themselves when servicing clients, thereby enabling customers to utilize hosted solutions managed and run by third parties. 


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