What's in it for your company

“Tell me again: Why are we doing this?”

People in your company are more likely to use SAP Ariba solutions when they understand how they and the company can benefit from it. So try encapsulating those benefits into something like an elevator pitch or mission statement, and use it whenever you talk or write about your SAP Ariba solutions and services.

To start, think about why you decided to engage SAP Ariba in the first place. You probably wanted to save time and money, and learned you could so through greater efficiency, stronger compliance, and better cash and working capital management.

Take a look at this table for some of the most common ways that using SAP Ariba to automate trading-partner transactions and collaboration helps companies achieve those benefits:

You want... Using SAP Ariba can help your company...

Greater process efficiency

  • understand and manage more of your spending
  • replace paper invoices with electronic invoices
  • boost AP team member productivity
  • minimize invoice errors and exceptions
  • reduce days needed for invoice approval

Stronger compliance

  • minimize unapproved, or maverick spending
  • increase the percent of spend that is under contract and monitored

Better cash/working capital management

  • capture more early-payment discounts
  • improve days payable outstanding (DPO)

There may be other reasons you started working with SAP Ariba. Reach out to your customer engagement executive for help with exploring those reasons and articulating them. Include key colleagues, stakeholders, and leaders in your discussions. Together you can draft your statement of purpose and start incorporating it in your communications.



Laying the groundwork for success