Supplier costs and benefits

When you ask suppliers to join Ariba Network, the first things they’ll want to know are why, how it benefits them, and what it costs.

Explain that you’ve invested in SAP Ariba’s solutions to help improve all or part of your procure-to-pay process through network connections and automation. When you and your suppliers connect over Ariba Network, you can both speed up processing, reduce errors, minimize exceptions, and collaborate more easily.

In turn, this will benefit them in a number of ways, depending on the amount and type of business you conduct with them.

  • If you engage in just a handful of purchases with them, they’ll benefit primarily from timely, predictable payments.
  • The more purchase orders and invoices you exchange with them, the greater their time and cost savings from improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • If you’re accessing their catalog through the network, they’ll have a higher profile among your buyers, boosting their sales.
  • And perhaps the biggest benefit of all: If you’re happy, they’re happy. And more likely to keep you as a customer.


As for cost...

Ariba Network subscriptions and fees for suppliers are determined by the number of documents they transact on Ariba Network within a 12-month period and the extent of the automation technologies and support that their business requires.

As their use of Ariba Network grows, their subscription level grows with them—providing ever-greater functionality, tools, and services to increase their opportunities for collaboration, automation, and marketing exposure.

To learn how fees are calculated for a given supplier, visit this page and download a fee schedule by selecting from the sidebar the region in which the supplier is based.


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