Connect with customers already on Ariba Network

Two ways you can be proactive

You don’t have to wait for your customers to invite you to transact over Ariba Network. There are a couple ways you can reach out to those who are already on Ariba Network and invite them to connect with you.

I.  Use the seller self-nomination tool

  1. Log into your Ariba Network account.
  2. Under Alerts and Messages on your account home page, select Find out if your existing customers are accepting relationship requests from suppliers.
  3. Review the Potential Relationships to find your current customers. Buyers are only accepting relationship requests with existing contracted suppliers through this tool.
  4. Click the buyer’s name to review their criteria and if you’re a match, submit your details to the buyer.

You can download a quick-start guide with easy-to-follow screen shots here.

II.  Conduct a mutual-customer analysis

SAP Ariba supplier account managers can work with you to conduct a mutual-customer analysis (MCA).  During the MCA you will be able to compare your current customer list to a subset of SAP Ariba’s buyer customers to determine if there are matches. If there are, SAP Ariba can notify the buyer customer(s) that you are interested in moving your transactions onto Ariba Network. The buyer will determine if they are also interested in connecting with you.

If you have already performed an MCA in the past, it’s a good idea to refresh it every six months or so as we are continually adding new buyer customers to Ariba Network.

To conduct an MCA, please email


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