Strengthen catalog management

If you currently rely on paper or a web site to provide your customers with catalogs and price lists, you’ll like how much more efficient and effective it can be to handle catalog management over Ariba Network. Doing so can…

  • improve purchase order accuracy
  • accelerate responsiveness to customers
  • encourage compliance to procurement processes
  • enhance cash flow

SAP Ariba offers flexible catalog management options that help with creation, deployment, and maintenance. These include:

  1. CIF (Catalog Interchange Format) – With this option, you simply enter product and price information into a template built using Microsoft Excel.
  2. PunchOut – This option provides your customers with a familiar, shopping experience as they select their purchases from a customized, shopping cart-enabled website. (Learn more about SAP Ariba PunchOut)

With SAP Ariba, you can get tools to conduct catalog management and development yourself, or get access to other resources and partners that can help. Ariba Network tools include a comprehensive dashboard to manage all catalog activity, facilitate buyer-supplier collaboration, and gain visibility into catalog update status. And technical support is available to help maintain your catalogs once you have them up and running.

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