Supplier training

Tutorials and demos to help you succeed as a supplier on Ariba Network

You and your employees could likely benefit from some training and are sure to have questions. While SAP Ariba solutions come with a lot of built-in help and guidance, we also offer an array of recorded tutorials and live demos through which you can learn how to…

You'll find links to recorded tutorials, live demo registration forms, and other information in the tables below. Spend some time exploring. And please let us know if you think we’ve missed an important topic.

Please note: These resources are presented in English unless otherwise noted.


About SAP Ariba and Ariba Network

Ariba Network for Suppliers: First-Time User

To obtain the full value of business networks, your customer has elected to join Ariba Network. Watch this short video for an overview of the benefits you can enjoy by joining the network yourself and how you’ll find transacting with your customer easier than ever before.

Ariba Network for Suppliers: Supplier Basics

This video will show you how to navigate Ariba Network, change your password, manage customer collaborations, view your purchase orders and send confirmations, flip a purchase order to an invoice, check the status of your invoices, track payments, navigate between SAP Ariba supplier solutions, and more.

Live Demo: Introduction to the Ariba Network for Suppliers

How Ariba Network can help suppliers drive relationships with customers, generate efficiencies throughout the order-to-cash cycle, and discover new business opportunities.

Ariba Network for Suppliers Administrator Quick-Start Guide

This quick-start guide will help you set up your Ariba Network account so you can begin transacting electronically with customers across the entire market-to-cash cycle. By taking these steps to join the world’s largest trading partner community, you’ll be able to quickly and easily find buyers ready to buy, improve customer retention, accelerate the sales cycle, and predict and apply cash.

Supply Lines Newsletter on Ariba Exchange

The go-to publication for e-commerce decision-makers and practitioners who want to increase revenue, drive process efficiencies, cut costs, and manage cash more effectively.

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Handling purchase orders

Start Guide: Working with Purchase Orders

How view order status, set up confirmations and ship notices, and troubleshoot your purchase orders.

Video: Handling Purchase Orders

How to view purchase orders in an online inbox; how to create order confirmations and ship notices.

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Invoicing customers

Video: Creating a PO-based Invoice

How to use PO-Flip to turn a customer's purchase order into an invoice via Ariba Network.

Video: Creating an Invoice

How to add tax and shipping to an invoice – including 0%-rated VAT tax – as well as how to create a non-PO invoice.

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Account management

Video: Ariba Commerce Cloud - Seller Basics

French | German | Portuguese | Spanish

How to create a new account with SAP Ariba, one that can be used to take advantage of all of SAP Ariba's supplier services.

Presentation: Central Certification Management

How to load woman- or minority-owned business, ISO Certified, or other certification onto an Ariba Commerce Cloud profile.

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Creating and loading catalogs

Live Demo: Creating Electronic Catalogs

How to create and publish CIF catalogs using the Excel template available in an Ariba Network account.

Live Demo: PunchOut for E-Commerce Managers

How SAP Ariba’s PunchOut solution and integrating an existing e-commerce website with a customer's procurement applications can benefit a supplier.

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Reaching SAP Ariba Buyers with SAP Ariba Discovery

Live Demo: SAP Ariba Discovery for Suppliers

How to use SAPAriba Discovery to receive leads and connect with purchase-ready buyers.

Seven Strategies to Create Winning Responses on the SAP Ariba Discovery Service

How to improve your success on SAP Ariba Discovery by investing the time to create a strong company profile and following seven surefire strategies for responding to sales leads. 

Video: Optimizing Your Account for Business Opportunities

How to ensure your profile is optimized to take advantage of the exposure to buyers provided by SAP Ariba Discovery.

Video: Responding to a Posting

How to respond to a notification of a new business opportunity on SAP Ariba Discovery.

Video: Inviting References

How to receive references from current customers on an Ariba Network profile to attract additional business.

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Responding to an RFI, RFP, or auction

Video: Responding to Prerequisite Questions

French | German | Portuguese | Spanish

How to answer prerequisite questions before responding to an RFI, RFP, or auction.

Video: Participating in Sourcing Events

French | German | Portuguese | Spanish

How to view events and their details, communicate with the event owner and team, and export event information.

Video: Responding to RFIs

French | German | Portuguese | Spanish

How to respond to questions in an RFI, upload attachments, and revise a response when needed.

Video: Responding to RFPs

French | German | Portuguese | Spanish

How to respond to an RFP, including selecting lots, responding to mandatory questions, and adding comments and attachments.

Video: Responding to Auctions

French | German | Portuguese | Spanish

How to respond to an auction, including entering pre-bids, submitting bids, receiving market feedback, and changing a bid.

Video: Alternative Bidding

French | German | Portuguese | Spanish

How to create pricing, bundle, and tier alternatives when an event owner allows the submission of an alternative bid.

Video: Custom Excel Bidding

French | German | Portuguese | Spanish

How to download, complete, and submit a proper response when an event owner requires completion of all or part of an event on an Excel bidding sheet they have created.

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Integrating with customers' back-office systems

Live Demo: Integrating with Your Customers through cXML

How to integrate back-office business applications with a customer's procurement system through Commerce Extensible Markup Language (cXML).

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Additional supplier services and support

More help is available; some is available at no charge, some for a fee. Click here to learn more