Achieve compliance and control while cutting costs and risks

Imagine the control you could gain over costs and risks in your buying processes if you could have, all in one place…

  • the broadest set of capabilities on the market
  • a simple shopping experience that guides users to buy the right items from the right suppliers 
  • integration with the world’s largest supplier network – more than 2 million strong and growing
  • the most pre-enabled suppliers, plus easy supplier and catalog enablement
  • automated tools and approval flows with global reach
  • easily configurable dashboards and reports

If you imagined global compliance, control, and visibility, you’re spot on. And SAP Ariba Procurement software solutions deliver even more. Like all goods and services spend under management. Negotiated savings that hit your bottom line. Buying cycles shortened by 50 percent to 70 percent. Ten percent supply savings. And 25 percent to 60 percent lower processing costs.


Improve all or part of your procure-to-pay cycle

You can improve your entire buying and settlement process end-to-end – or just part of it – with SAP Ariba Procurement software solutions. You’ll experience more speed, performance, reach, and usability once the right solution is seamlessly integrated with your ERP. Click on the solution of your choice to learn more.

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing – Provide your users with a fast, guided buying experience with the leading procure-to-pay software solution.

SAP Ariba Buying – Maximize efficiency in your front-end procurement process with this procure-to-order solution and its guided buying capability. Through seamless integration, invoice and payment processing are handled by your ERP.

SAP Ariba Catalog – Strengthen compliance and control with this procurement content solution that drives spend to only approved suppliers.

SAP Ariba Invoice Management – Reduce process complexity and ensure compliance with all your invoices: PO, non-PO, MRO, and service invoices.


And be sure to explore these innovative solution capabilities

SAP Ariba Procurement solutions come with innovative solution capabilities that are designed to make buying a delighftul experience for users while ensuring compliance and control. These capabilities include...

Guided buying – Give your employees a simple way to buy smarter, with an intuitive experience that helps them follow procurement guidelines without having to read them first.

Spot buy – Find and buy non-sourced goods in a way that's both simple and controlled, even for the occasional user.

With Ariba, we now have an easy-to-use, centralized platform for managing all of our procurement processes. In the past, aggregating data from subsidiaries’ disparate systems and connecting the dots was a huge headache. Now we are able to see what is bought from whom and for how much.

— Aurelie Abidi , Best Practices Procurement Manager , Albéa