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The old ways to find suppliers – consultants, trade shows, even web searches – can’t keep up with today’s fast-moving, digital economy. The smart money is on web-based supplier networks and automated buyer-seller matching tools.

There’s none better – or bigger – than Ariba Network, more than 2 million companies strong. And no matching service surpasses SAP Ariba Discovery. This free service makes it easy to post your buying needs, instantly connecting you with high-quality product and service suppliers who are ready to compete for your business and cut your supply costs and risks. Whether you’re engaged in strategic sourcing or spot buying, your search involves just three steps:

  1. Describe your needs
  2. Review proposals
  3. Make your selection

That's it. Really.


Your on-ramp to the world's largest business network


Find suppliers quickly

Create a posting in just five minutes. Soon, often within 24 hours, you’ll be reviewing bids from matched suppliers and awarding the business.

Sources for any need

Find suppliers for virtually any sourcing need, including spot buys, non-strategic spend, indirect spend, low-cost spend, and services spend.

Competition reduces costs

By leveraging the competitive bids provided by new suppliers, you can reduce your average overall project spend by approximately 15 percent.

Diverse supplier network

Find suppliers among a broad base of global companies that includes green and minority- and women-owned businesses, across more than 20,000 categories and doing business in 190 countries.

Convenient, central access

Now you can source more categories, manage RFPs, respond to bids, award contracts, and more, all from a single, intuitive interface.

Facilitated collaboration

Online tools enable you to network through suppliers you know to find new sources, engage in Q&A exchanges, and dialogue via a direct messaging system.

Rich supplier information

Rely on accurate, up-to-date supplier information. A five-star ranking system can help you make your selection decision.

Handy dashboard

Your configurable dashboard makes it easy to quickly and effectively manage all account activities directly from SAP Ariba Discovery, or any SAP Ariba sourcing solution.

Learn more

To learn more about how you can find suppliers with SAP Ariba Discovery, download the datasheet and explore the related resources in the sidebar.


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Before using Ariba Discovery, our team spent countless hours, days, and weeks trying to find new and qualified sellers. With Ariba Discovery, I can easily post my requirements and within a few days receive responses from multiple sellers.

— Randy Griswold , Sr. Sourcing Manager , Tupperware Brands