Measure effectiveness and be sure things get done when and how they should

Building your sourcing environment with the right technology, support, and expertise is a critical step toward accomplishing your objectives, but don't stop there. Build and track your savings pipeline to make sure your strategic sourcing milestones are being achieved. And make sure your solutions and processes are being adopted across your organization.

Add savings pipeline and tracking to your SAP Ariba sourcing solution. You’ll get the tools and support you need to…

  • create your pipeline of sourcing activities and milestones
  • assign resources to execute them
  • measure your team’s effectiveness
  • monitor sourcing initiatives from start to finish
  • establish secure system controls and approvals
  • rid yourself of manual processing errors


Easy-to-use tools for strengthening your strategic sourcing program


Comprehensive monitoring

You can track estimated, negotiated, implemented, and actual spend and savings for each savings initiative.

Secure version control

Your savings initiatives documentation is stored in a single area and you can control it with versioning, locking, and check in/out functionality.

Reduced risk

In addition to showing tracking toward your savings goals, tools issue warnings when there’s a risk of not meeting them.

Flexible reporting

Analyze by month, region, department, or supplier. Add special fields to capture attributes like minority-owned business.

Efficient approval workflow

You can set document reviews and approvals at the individual document level, or the overall phase level.

Planning assistance

Capture transaction and history information about each savings initiative to create templates and make future projects easier.

To learn more about savings pipeline and tracking, for use with SAP Ariba sourcing solutions, review the datasheet.