A smarter way to manage suppliers

How much simpler would supplier management be if you had a reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of supplier information, spend, performance, and risk? And how much easier would you find it to reduce risk and prevent savings leakage if supplier qualification and segmentation were an integral part of your buying processes?

SAP Ariba Supplier Management makes this possible. Integrated with the rest of your procurement processes, it’s the only end-to-end solution portfolio that lets you manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place.

With SAP Ariba, you can drive spend to preferred suppliers and reduce risk every step of the way, from supplier onboarding and qualification to segmentation and performance management.

  • Get a unified supplier record with a high degree of confidence in the data
  • Integrate consistent supplier qualification and segmentation with other procurement processes
  • Scale supplier risk management and compliance to your entire supply base


The SAP Ariba Supplier Management Portfolio

SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance – Comprehensive tools to onboard, qualify, segment, and manage supplier performance. 

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk – Smart, safe, and cohesive risk intelligence to guide supplier selection, qualification, and segmentation process, with proactive, ongoing monitoring of your suppliers.

SAP Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management – Capabilities to identify, assess, and rapidly on-board approved suppliers and measure their performance to minimize risks.

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