Compare Supplier Management portfolio components and capabilities

Using this chart, you can review the relative capabilities of SAP Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management (SIPM), SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP), and SAP Ariba Supplier Risk (SR).

Capability SIPM SLP SR
High fidelity vendor data model with 2-way sync to ERP RFX-Simple Included RFX-Simple Included
Registration/onboarding with supplier portal RFX-Simple Included RFX-Simple Included
Supplier managed information RFX-Simple Included Sourcing Reporting Included
Supplier 360° view RFX-Simple Included Supplier Discovery Included Supplier Discovery Included
Basic reports and analysis RFX-Simple Included Supplier Management Included
Basic supplier performance management (scorecards, questionnaires, KPI) RFX-Simple Included RFX-Intermediate Included
Advanced matrix-based reports and analysis (based on category, location and business unit) Process Management and Workflow Included
Advanced matrix-based supplier segmentation, qualification, and development RFX-Advanced Included
Matrix-based supplier lifecycle and performance management RFX-Advanced Included
Advanced matrix-based risk assessments and due diligence intelligence RFX-Advanced Included
On-going risk exposure monitoring (reputational, compliance, financial, sustainability and operational risks) RFX-Advanced Included
Engagement level inherent risk and residual risk calculations to drive actions for sourcing and contracts* RFX-Advanced Included
Actionable risk mitigation (flexible workflows for procurement and risk management teams)* RFX-Advanced Included

* Planned for 2017