Work with suppliers across the entire supply chain

The perfect order. To achieve it consistently, you and your trading partners need new and better supply chain collaboration tools. We’re talking about a network-based solution that makes it safe and easy to connect and share information with all your trading partners in real-time. One that also provides crucial network intelligence that can help you anticipate problems and make fast, informed decisions that mitigate risk.

That's SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration.

Think of it as a collaboration platform built on a global, web-based network. Ariba Network is the world’s largest business network, more than 2 million companies strong. Through this single platform, you can work with your partners across the entire supply chain and manage all direct materials procurement activities in one place. Equipped with real-time connections, communication, and information, you’ll receive the right product, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity, time and again.


The benefits of real-time supply chain collaboration


Efficient onboarding

Many suppliers are already on Ariba Network. Use powerful on-demand tools to onboard the rest. Experts are available 24/7 to help you plan, prioritize, and execute.

Easy integration

Integrate this supply chain collaboration solution with any back-office system. Packaged integration is available for SAP and Oracle ERP, and built-in integration is available with certain SAP ERP applications and supply chain solutions.

Actionable intelligence

Easily track order status, commitments, and responses, as well as other key metrics, with automated dashboards and reporting. Your suppliers can self-monitor their performance with direct access to data.

Broad collaboration

Across multiple processes, systems, and geographies, collaborate in real time on orders, confirmations, scheduling agreement releases, advance ship notices, goods receipt notices, industry-specific collaboration and business processes, and VAT-compliant invoices.

Improved compliance

With standards-based and secured electronic communications, as well as customized configuration of supply chain business rules, drive greater compliance with orders delivered correctly and on time.

Fast time-to-value

Achieve fast time-to-value through efficient onboarding and quick deployment of this user-friendly solution, encouraging broad adoption by internal and external trading partners.

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Business networks have sparked an explosion of a new class of unstructured data. Buyers and sellers can make more informed decisions by leveraging the aggregated history of millions of business transactions.

— The Economist Intelligence Unit , The Future of Business , Supply Chains