Keep tabs on supply chain activity while on-the-go

With the SAP Ariba Supply Chain mobile app, you can get instant supply chain visibility anytime. No matter where you are, you can use it to…

  • monitor and manage availability of supply
  • view information from purchase orders, confirmations, and ship notices
  • obtain proactive alerts for unconfirmed items

Just think of the stress you can alleviate, knowing you’ll never miss a critical supply notification or alert. And imagine how much more productive you’ll be when you’re untethered from that desktop computer.


Here's what you get


Real-time status info

Know at a glance how your supply chain is performing with real-time status information on orders, shipments, and commits presented in a clean graphical user interface that supports filtering and search.

Full item details

View orders, shipments, and unconfirmed items and drill down to see item details, such as part number, quantities, and prices. You can even track total confirmed quantity, shipped quantity, and shipping status.

Quick issue resolution

Resolve issues with suppliers while you're out and about, using e-mail or phone to handles such things as demand/supply mismatch or unconfirmed orders.

Filter and search

Easily find orders by filtering on status, such as confirmed, partially confirmed, shipped, or invoiced. Or you can search by order number.

Convenient pinning

You can pin documents and line items for easy retrieval when you're back at your desk later.

Flexible data selection

To make the information displayed manageable, you choose up to eight suppliers whose order confirmation alerts you want to see. You also choose your business locations or plants.

Fast sign-on

Sign on to the app through Touch ID (on Apple devices that support Touch ID).

Free yourself

To take advantage of the speed and flexibility made possible with the SAP Ariba Supply Chain mobile app, you need to be a subscriber to the SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration solution and have your own account on Ariba Network.

If you already meet those requirements, you can download the app and sign on through Touch ID on Apple devices.

If you're not yet a subscriber, contact us and let's talk about your supply chain operation needs.