Suppliers need payment? Put those payables to work for you, too.

What do you do when a supplier needs to be paid before you’re ready to pay? It’s a common conundrum, rife with risk – to both the supplier and your cash flow. The good news is that you’ve got approved payables on your balance sheet and your company’s low cost of capital in your corner.

Put them to work with the supply chain finance capabilities within the SAP Ariba Payables solution. Our network of financial institutions is ready and willing to provide your suppliers cash at rates lower than they could secure on their own, backed by your commitment to satisfy payables on an agreed-upon date. Now you can extend payment without risk to your supplier, and everybody wins:

  • Your suppliers improve cash flow and reduce DSO
  • Your treasurer increases overall DPO and free cash flow, unlocking working capital
  • Your head of procurement breathes easier, faced with lower supply chain liquidity risk

Best of all, supply chain finance is seamlessly integrated with the market’s most comprehensive platform of procurement solutions. From source to settle, SAP Ariba can make your organization more efficient and effective with tools that work together in simplicity and harmony, providing full visibility into every trading partner interaction.


Capabilities that stand above the rest


No supplier left behind

Include supply chain finance in your toolset, along with dynamic discounting, p-cards, and the like, to meet any supplier’s liquidity needs, regardless of spend volume or how your working capital objectives are defined.

Open, multi-funder platform

Better than single-funder solutions, supply chain finance from SAP Ariba operates on an open, multi-funder platform. You have more than 55 funding sources to choose from and it’s easy to add your own.

Optimal flexibility

In addition to being able to work with multiple funding sources, you can differ payment strategies among groups of suppliers for optimal results.

Easy onboarding

SAP Ariba onboarding and enablement experts are ready to help you activate and train suppliers wherever they do business.

On-demand financing

Once you’ve established program parameters and identified eligible participants, you’re all set: Suppliers execute early-payment requests at the click of a button with no further action from you.

Program stability

With so many funders to choose from, there’s no threat to program stability should a given funder stop participating.

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To learn more, read this datasheet. Then let’s talk about how supply chain finance and our unique, comprehensive SAP Ariba Payables solution can help you strengthen both your financial and physical supply chains at the same time.

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