Let’s develop a program for all of your spend

Optimizing working capital can be tricky when you’re juggling priorities. Which should you choose: Extend DPO as far as you can? Capture more early-payment discounts? Reduce liquidity risk for your suppliers?

You can do it all with help from our working capital management consulting and services team, included in your SAP Ariba Payables solution subscription. Our working capital experts will work with you to…

  • assess your current payment terms, working capital, and cash positions
  • compare them with industry averages
  • identify the best way to work with each of your suppliers
  • design, run, and maintain a program to free up working capital while earning risk-free cash returns

And here’s the best part: If you hired a third-party consulting firm, this would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even then, that assistance would be limited to the scope of their slim range of solutions. But you get hands-on expertise from lots of experienced people as part of your SAP Ariba Payables solution. We’ll help solve your working capital management problems, and then help you build and implement a plan that encompasses all of your spend and suppliers. All at no extra charge.


Combine expertise with reach and methodology


Decades of experience

Work with the team that has the greatest subject matter expertise in designing, running, and maintaining effective working capital management programs, along with the largest, most experienced supplier enablement team in the industry.

Largest supplier network

Many of your suppliers are already on Ariba Network, the world’s largest business network at more than more than 2 million suppliers strong. For those that aren’t, our enablement team is ready to help with outreach and onboarding.

Accurate targeting for fast ROI

Quickly achieve your working capital management objectives with our proprietary data and targeting methodology. We’ll identify, prioritize, and enroll those suppliers most inclined to participate in a discounting program early on.


Unlike consultants and solution providers that craft a program and then leave you on your own, SAP Ariba’s working capital management experts will be here, helping you and your suppliers maintain and fine-tune your program for the duration of your subscription.

No extra charge

You get working capital management services as part of your SAP Ariba Payables solution, not by paying any a la carte fees.

Learn more

To learn more about the dramatic improvement SAP Ariba’s working capital management services can have on your working capital position, review this datasheet.