Create synchronized global supply chains with Ariba Network

It’s tough to maintain an efficient, global supply chain when production is outsourced and trading partners use multiple, disparate systems. And it’s sure not easy to bring products to market quickly, at low cost and high quality, when you have to source perhaps thousands of components in a multi-level bill of materials (BOM).

Even once contracts are signed and forecasts are made, all it takes is something like a single customer review on Twitter to make demand skyrocket or plummet overnight. So how do you select the right suppliers, collaborate with them in real-time, and get the right product delivered at the right time? Well, it’s simpler with the right tools.

With SAP Ariba you have a simple, smart, and open way to connect all systems and stakeholders through a powerful global platform: Ariba Network. With its comprehensive suite of cloud solutions, you’ll find it easier to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and get products to market faster by...

  • integrating sourcing and product design teams
  • reviewing the cost impact of different product designs at the BOM level
  • tracking item costs across time, suppliers, and BOMs to negotiate more savings
  • sourcing and contracting faster through master-data integration across systems
  • enhancing contract compliance and reducing leakage through ERP integration
  • qualifying suppliers at the item or plant level
  • accurately tracking and assessing availability of supply
  • responding quickly to unplanned supply chain events
  • reducing excess inventory
  • automating invoicing for better financial supply chain management


Explore these solution areas

Supply chain collaboration

Connect your systems and stakeholders through Ariba Network, the world’s largest business-to-business trading community. With this single solution you can collaborate on direct materials procurement with all your trading partners.

Strategic sourcing

Create the right kind of sourcing environment, one that drives competition for your business, ensures best-value sourcing agreements, and delivers sustainable savings.


Provide your users with user-friendly tools that help them find the goods and services they need, from the suppliers you want them to use, and at your company’s preferred prices.

Contract management

Rid yourself of the paper and ink and you can automate, standardize, and speed up the entire contract lifecycle. Manage any type of agreement for greater productivity and compliance. Eliminate contract leakage through integration with your ERP system.

Spend analysis

Gather your spend data from wherever it lives, classify it according to company and industry standards, then enrich it with D&B market intelligence for a comprehensive analysis of company-wide buying practices.

Supplier management

Drive spend to your preferred suppliers and reduce risk with this innovative set of solutions that let's you manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance, and risk all in one place.

Supplier discovery

Use our free matching service to quickly find the right supplier from a network of more than 2 million. All you need to do is describe your needs, review proposals, and make your selection.

Financial supply chain management

When you turn payables into strategic assets you can boost free cash flow, free up working capital, and deliver more bottom-line value.

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With Ariba, we now have an easy-to-use, centralized platform for managing all of our procurement processes. In the past, aggregating data from subsidiaries’ disparate systems and connecting the dots was a huge headache. Now we are able to see what is bought from whom and for how much.

— Aurelie Abidi , Best Practices Procurement Manager , Albéa